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Listen to Liz. She had her low back pain relieved after 3 short weeks of doing these gentle movements twice a day.

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Low Back Pain is the number one complaint I see in my clinic. Low Back and Hip Pain. Second to this is Neck and Shoulder Pain. If we don't have a gentle and efficient stress and tension management system we end up feeling old, tired, stiff and in pain, fast. We could just accept pain the pain as "Aging" or we could practice Motion Potion™.

Liz's Story: Low Back Pain Gone!

Watch this Video as Liz D'Aste shares her experience more in depth. The Shock that she can now do things she hasn't been able to do for years!

Feel Younger Again - Guaranteed

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Motion Potion™ Helped These People Too!

"I struggled with debilitating neck pain for years. It would go out, and I would be unable to function or sleep. I finally found Christopher's Motion Potion, and did the movements for the first time when I was having an episode. My muscles suddenly relaxed, and I was able to pop my neck back into place! And the pain stopped! We're talking miracle status."

Bo Stansell


"Christopher’s easy to follow instructions and gentle movements gave me almost instant relief from my hip pain."

Dea Parks

Retired Plumbing Company Owner

"After only two sequences with Christopher, the chronic pain in my right hip cleared up completely and I know that just a few minutes a day of regular practice will keep my body mobile as I age. What a gift!

Karen Kimsey

Co-Founder of the Co-Active Training Institute

"I almost didn't do my sequence this morning because of lower back pain. The movements were subtle, gentle, and amazingly effective! Pain reduced by 95% after the movements!!!

Adama Hamilton

Senior Trainer and Practitioner of the Hakomi Method

<p>Bo Stansell</p>, <p>Actress</p>
<p>Dea Parks</p>, <p>Retired Plumbing Company Owner</p>
<p>Karen Kimsey</p>, <p>Co-Founder of the Co-Active Training Institute</p>
<p>Adama Hamilton</p>, <p>Senior Trainer and Practitioner of the Hakomi Method</p>

My Personal and Professional Guarantee

"You have to love this after four weeks or you don't pay a dime. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee." -Christopher

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Motion Potion™ is Born.

17 years as a Massage Therapist has shown me that there is a real need out there for people to have something quick, gentle and pain free they can do to relax tight and painful muscles anytime, any day, on their own. Check out the clinic to see where it all began.

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